Cannabis Community Advertising
Want to advertise to a targeted audience and receive a higher CTR percentage? Why waste money on Google or loose subject social media sites? Advertise directly to the cannabis community through Australia's oldest and largest on-line cannabis community.

For all pricing and display placement details please visit our cannabis community supporters shop here and have a browse of the advertising packages currently listed.

We guarantee to promote your product and/or service and help you spread the word to the cannabis community with any of our advertising options currently available.
When you select any of the advertising campaigns together your order will be automatically discounted. Naturally the most optimal coverage for your product and/or service is provided when all our available packages are chosen.

If you don't already have a business account created at the OZ Stoners cannabis community you can create it during the checkout process when ordering, and once your order has been approved we will upgrade your account to our sponsors group for the duration of your advertising campagins.

Whilst your advertising campaigns are active you will receive weekly emails regarding your advertisement statistics. You are also given access to your campaigns details and statistics on-line anytime day or night should you need to check them or make any adjustments, giving you more flexibility to provide up to date information about your product and/or service to our community members and guests.

We also display all our sponsors and their current campaigns here in random ordering and we link back to this sponsors listing throughout the cannabis community, helping to ensure your advertisements get as much coverage as possible across the cannabis community and our associated domains.

Should you wish to contact us or have any further queries regarding our cannabis community advertising, please contact us at our Community Advertising Department using the on-line email form.